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The History of AT&T Corporation (at&t corporate office atlanta )

Founder: Alexander Graham Bell, Gardiner hubbard and Thomas Sander

The history of AT&T coporation started way back in the year 1877 when technology was still been born to the game. at&t corporate office atlanta

Advanced communication technique are widely considered a hallmark of an advanced society. No corporation is more responsible for the state of that art in today’s world than AT&T. The ubiquitous phone company has always been in the forefront of every development in this increasingly vital and complex business from its first incarnation following Alexander Graham Bell’s first telephone in the late 19th century through its ultimate overhaul after a government mandated divestiture near the end of the 20th century. When the resultant corporation voluntarily dismantled itself yet again a dozen years later, it prepared to make its mark in the 21st century as well. (at&t corporate office atlanta)

at&t corporate office atlanta

American Telephone and Telegraph was once the parent company of the legally sanctioned monopoly known as Ma Bell, and it grew to mammoth proportions while providing the united states with the best phone service in the world. But it’s unique status always rankled regulators and competitors, and it eventually was split up as a result of antitrust action initiated by the US Government. Infrastructure it created the new AT&T again drove its industry as an integrated equipment and services provider centered on the delivery of long-distance phone calls. When market conditions shifted it evolved once more, this time into three contemporary businesses that focused on voice, data and video transmission. (at&t corporate office atlanta)

With more than 80 million customers, AT&T remains the number-one firm in its field. it has certainly changed since Bell inaugurated the telecommunications revolution with his immortal words, ‘Mr Watson, come here, i want you!’ The company he formed to spread his invention throughout the land now provides an array of local, long distance and wireless telephone service. In addition to cable television connection and high-speed internet access. Its founder could never have imagined these advances.

at&t corporate office atlanta

Since the history of at&t corporation till today, through new seismic shifts are afoot and his successors are again grappling with changes that they hope will help them keep pace with ongoing transformations in both the technological and the competitive landscape. (at&t corporate office atlanta)

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