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Man Being Mauled In Brutal American Bulldog attack

American Bulldog attack

American Bulldog attack / News

Keven Jones, 62, was killed by his daughter-in-American law’s Bulldog-type pet Cookie at her home in Wrexham, North Wales, in an “accidental” dog attack. For the first time, a man killed in an “accidental” dog attack has been photographed.

Despite paramedics’ attempts, the 62-year-old died at his daughter-in-home law’s in Holt Road on Monday. Chanel Nicole Fong said her father-in-death law’s in front of her was the “worst day of her life,” but that her pet Cookie-Doe had no malicious intent.

She wrote on Facebook that she had requested Mr. Jones to care for her dogs while she was out for the day. Apart from herself and her husband Josh, who was in London, Ms. Fong said he was the only person who could handle her pets.

American Bulldog attack

She heard Mr. Jones in the kitchen telling Cookie-Doe to get off him as she was getting ready to go around 11.20 a.m. Ms. Fong entered the room and instructed the dog to lie down, which he did.

She claimed she observed blood gushing from her father-in-leg law’s and grabbed the dog’s blanket to assist stop the bleeding. She claimed she then moved him to a sofa and dialed 911.

Mr. Jones allegedly grasped Ms. Fong’s shoulder and told her he was dying. She stated she was still on the phone with the emergency service when she was advised to lay him down on the floor and start chest compressions.

She estimated that an ambulance would come in about seven minutes. Mr. Jones died at the scene after paramedics tried for 45 minutes to save his life. Ms. Fong expressed gratitude to the emergency personnel who worked to save Mr. Jones’ life.

Expressing Gratitude

“Today has been the hardest day of my life,” she wrote, “because I have had to witness two men I adore take their last breath.” “All I can think of is Cookie’s crying, and I can’t get the feeling of Keven’s blood off my hands.”

“Cookie didn’t attack Keven since he’s a big lad who likes to play rough.” Cookie was euthanized in the back garden by a professional vet, and the other dogs were examined by the police dog handling squad, according to her.

“An investigation into this event is underway, and officers are liaising with the deceased’s family,” a North Wales Police spokesperson said.

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