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Brief History Of How Apple Computer Started : New 1

Founder: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Mike Markkula (how apple computer started)


Once upon a time, in a tale that’s often told, two young Steve were practicing a kind of 20th century alchemy in a tract-house neighbourhood in northern California. When lighting struck. Working in a nondescript garage, the pair was twisting wires and chanting incarnations in an obscure language called programming when they came up with a device that would change the world. On April fools’ day of 1976, they borrowed the name of the recording label used by their favourite musicians and brought their first apple computer into the sunshine.

The Convinction On Apple Computers

How Apple Computer Started

Throughout the label, those awaiting a sign instantly recognized that this device would indeed change their lives. It put an astounding power-previously available only to a select few directly into the fingertips of the masses. It did have some limitations and cost almost its weight in gold, but it sparked a revolution nonetheless in which the two young Steve revered as gods.

From the start, an eager flock willingly offered financial and creative assistance and the Apple flourished. Many of those who served it realized riches far beyond their wildest dreams. Many others clamoured to join the crusade. Disciples built even newer devices that captivated even more fanatical followers. The two young Steve were on top of the world. (how apple computer started)

How Steve Jobs Struggled With Apple Computer

how apple computer started

Then, everything collapsed. Another messiah offered a compelling alternative. Supporters, spilt into opposing camps. Visionary leadership disappeared. Both no longer young Steve left their positions of influences, replaced by a series of pretenders who tried in vain to recapture the lighting reluctantly and otherwise, followers turned away from the device they once worshipped.

But just when all seemed lost, those still struggling with the once mighty empire has a revelation. They met with one of the two now-middle aged Steve and pleaded with him to return. To most everyone’s surprise, he did -albeit cautiously at first. And in virtually no time at all, he showed that he still had the touch. (how apple computer started)

Why Steve Jobs Dropped out From College

how apple computer started

When Steven Paul jobs initially moved back to his native northern California in 1975, the 20 years old college dropout was casting about for something interesting to do following his recent pilgrimages to India and a communal farm in Oregon. Working as a video game programmer for Atari, he got wind of a hobbyist group in Menlo Park called the Homebrew computer club. He began attending evening gatherings and was there when a member showed up with his spanking new Altair personal computer. The primitive contraption had been built from a kit ordered through an Albuquerque mail order company, and to folks like Homebrewers it was a very big deal. Most in attendance saw potential. Jobs envisioned a business plan.

The First Computer Developed By Steve Jobs

Lacking the technical skills needed to make his vision a reality, jobs teamed up with another long-haired Homebrewers name Steve Wozniak. “Woz” as this 25 – years old son of a lock head missile engineer was known, had already written programming language and designed a circuit board. He has also parlayed his passion for electronics into a job envisioned. To raise the funds necessary to proceed, he sold off his programming calculator while jobs parted with his Volkswagen van. The pair then got down to business in the garage of Jobs’ parents’ home in los Altos. (how apple computer started)

The first product of their collaboration was the Apple 1, a basic circuit board they sold through a local retailer for $500. Ready to move their business to the next level but recognizing their limitations, they convinced 34 years old Mike Markkula. Markkula was a recently retired electrical (how apple computer started)

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