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How Ford Motor Company Started NEW 1

Founder: Henry Ford, Alexander Malcomson, John W. Anderson, 1903. (how ford motor company started)


how ford motor company started

The Ford Motor company’s primary claims to the corporate hall of fame have always been its invention of the assembly line, a remarkably simple yet stunningly effective innovation that completely changed the course of manufacturing. In ensuring years, Ford has additionally become known as a global goliath, an amalgamator of some of the best-known brands in the auto business, and even a leader in the industrial charge towards the internet. These days, however, it is also developing a new and somewhat surprising reputation for environmentalism.

In an industry never associated with ‘green’ activism, many consider Ford’s drive in this direction downright astonishing. It began in may 2000, when recently installed board chairman Willliam Clay Ford Jr. great-grandson of founder Henry Ford conceded for the first time that sport utility vehicles emit more pollution than cars and can be dangerous to others on the road. He pledged to make these SUVs, which accounted for 20 percent of the company’s sales and most of its profit, cleaner and safer. He followed through by promoting to boost their fuel efficiency by 25 percent over five lightyears and he challenged his competitors to do likewise.

How Model T Dominated the embryonic Automobile Market


The initiative caught many off guards, but ford has always been good at assessing public taste and adjusting its output accordingly. Model T, its first success, dominated the embryonic automobile market by providing inexpensive and reliable transportation for the earlier drivers. When sales lagged, the company developed flashier and more comfortable alternatives. And as the demand continually evolved, so did ford. It introduced new features and became one of the first automakers to expand oversea. Modernized its facilities opened a finance subsidiary and even purchased complementary companies to help expand its market share. (How Ford Motor Company Started)

Number One Truck Manufacturer and Second Largest Car Market

Today with a stable of brands that includes Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda Land Rover, and Volvo as well as the Ford brand name the company is the world’s number one truck manufacturer and second-largest car market. Its Ford Motor credit division is the top auto finance company in the united stat. it has implemented computer programs that are as innovative as it development of the assembly line. And according to consumer demand, it is leading its industry toward greater environmental responsibility. (How Ford Motor Company Started)

When Ford Began Operation

The Ford Motor Company began operation in 1903 when Henry Ford and 11 associates raised $28, 000 to open a tiny manufacturing plant in a Detroit Wagon factory. Initially, the company’s vice president and chief engineer Ford has been looking forward to this nearly all his life. A few weeks later, he sold his first two-cylinder model A to a Chicago dentist. Over the next 14 months, he sold 1,700 more.

Birthdate of Henry Ford


Born in 1863 in greenfield township, Mich, Ford always preferred mechanical pursuits to the farm duties he was expected to perform with his five younger siblings. His fate was sealed at age 13 when he saw a steam engine traveling under its own power. Ford jumped off the wagon on which he was riding with his father to examine it and decided right there to become an engineer. Three years later he left for Detroit and a job as an apprentice machinist with the Michigan Car Company. After two years he accepted a better position as an engineer with Edison Illuminating company. (How Ford Motor Company Started)

Henry Ford’s First Work

During his stint with Edison, Ford began work on a gasoline-powered vehicle. In 1876 he pronounced his first Quadricycle which has four bicycle-like wheels, a tiller for steering, and two forward gears. In order to focus full time on advancing his ideas, he left Edison in 1899 to open the Detroit Automobile Company. That enterprise failed as did a second one started two years later. But his third attempt which he named after himself and opened with sufficient capital to weather initial difficulties proved a winner. (How Ford Motor Company Started)

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