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JAMB agreed to provide a make up examination for students who couldn’t register. (jamb exam date)


Jamb exam date:

If you didn’t register for JAMB 2021 examination, there’s still hope for you. The joint admission and matriculation board (JAMB) have promised to make a provision for those who couldn’t register for 2021 JAMB examination because of National Identification Number (NIN) issues.

This announcement was made on the 19th of June, 2021 by the organizers of the Unified tertiary matriculation examination [UTME] in collaboration with Joint Admission And Matriculation Board. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has agreed to set a make up exams for those affected.

Why JAMB took this decision (Jamb exam date discussion)

Its no longer a news that most students couldn’t register for the UTME 2021/ 2022 examination because of the compulsory provision of NIN as part of the registration document.

The Joint admission and matriculation board have promise to provide a date for the make up exam but date have not yet been released. On this note, all affected students should not give up hope but prepare for the make up examination and the date will be communicated to the public as soon as JAMB announces it.

Issues with NIN

jamb exam date

National Identification number was made compulsory for this year JAMB 2021 examination and many student couldn’t register because of the difficulties in getting the NIN certificate. And this have lead to so many questions on National Identification number(NIN) registration which are as follows.

Question 1: Does it means there aren’t enough center for NIN registration?

Question 2: Why would JAMB need NIN for registration?

Speaking on the first question, many people have made an observation on various NIN center about the high rate of fraudulent in registration and some thought it wise to leave the NIN number because of the cost in getting it . why would NIN certificate be much more expensive than Jamb registration? This question is left to be answered by our government.

Due to the rise in cry of Nigerians, JAMB finally decided to provide a make up examination for the affected student and urges all the affected students to prepare as soon as possible.

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