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How To Recover A Suspended Namecheap Account


Suspended Namecheap Account:

Namecheap is one of the best Webhosting companies with over 2 billion users currently.  Namecheap offers a great plan for web hosting but also comes with some regulations. As we know, Namecheap allows all kinds of websites and projects on their hosting platform. Have you ever wondered why a site is been suspended on Namecheap? This article will show you how to prevent your site from being suspended and also how to recover a suspended Namecheap account.

suspended namecheap account
suspended Namecheap account


There are two ways your account can be suspended on Namecheap.

  1. By violating their terms and regulation: i.e. when your site is been reported for email fraudulent activities, your site will be suspended. This can only happen when you constantly ask Namecheap customer services for online help
  2. When Namecheap experiences a chargeback on their hosting account, your site will be suspended. This can happen when you try to either buy a domain or hosting plan with your debit or credit card.


90% of Namecheap customers love to pay with their credit or debit card because it is more convenient and easier. Namecheap allows credit or debit, PayPal and Bitpay on their website. Most times a bank chargeback can lead to a suspension of your account. When you pay for a domain or hosting plan on Namecheap and your payment gets reverted to your bank account, it leads to the suspension of your hosting account. One chargeback can lead to a suspension of all your hosting accounts. (Suspended Namecheap Account)


  1. When your Namecheap account is suspended because of a chargeback by your bank, you will be asked to submit a ticket on Namecheap on the issue and most times required to upload a Government ID and do facial verification before your account can be recovered. Namecheap Email customer service is always slow. This process can take up to 48hrs to be completed.
  2. When registering for a new domain or hosting plan on your Namecheap account, try to pay with Bitpay. With this, your account can never be suspended on chargeback because crypto payments can not be reverted.

HINT: If you don’t have a wallet account to pay with Bitpay, try registering on any of the accepted crypto wallets such as Binance or Blockchain.


Namecheap and other hosting companies have terms and regulations. Whenever you host a site on Namecheap, Namecheap does not monitor the activities on that site unless you invite them to do so. Below are the various ways you can invite Namecheap to monitor your account

  1. When you have used 71% of your backup disk space.
  2. When you constantly email or contact live support for help


  1. Whenever you host a site and don’t want Namecheap to monitor it, try not to use up to 71% of your total disk space. You can prevent this by deleting inactive web files on your file manager and avoiding uploading videos on your website.
  2. Whenever you have a problem on your website, try to resolve the issue without contacting Namecheap customer service for help. Most times, when contacting Namecheap online customer service, you’re always asked to provide your domain name for further resolution of the problem. In the process of resolving your domain issue, they also go through the content of your site and write a query on your domain. This issue is common with forex investment websites and online banking websites. (Suspended Namecheap Account)

N/B: This type of issue can never be resolved no matter how hard you try to contact the customer service team.

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