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Wells Fargo True Story & The Washington Company Impact To Technology

Beginning in 1852, Wells Fargo true story stagecoaches helped opened the American west by traversing grueling deserts, dangerous mountains and endless prairies to deliver mail and cash to those in bustling towns, sprawling ranches and isolated mining claims. During the Gold Rush, the company also provided services like converting unprocessed ore into U.S coins to producing checks and bank drafts for local businesses and it even las claims to processing the first electronic transaction, which it handled by telegraph in 1964.

history of wells fargo

Today, Well Fargo has evolved into a diversified financial company that offers traditional banking and investment services to consumers and corporations. Thanks to merges and acquisitions, it is now the seventh largest such institution in the U.S with 104,000 employees, 5,3000 banking locations,17 milling customers and $234 billion in assests. but the San Francisco based firm still proudly touts its connectivity to customers, citing an industry-leading internet site, banks in unconventional places like supermarkets, and more than 6,500 ATMs located through out North America.

The Washington Post Company

Distinction: Toppled a president (wells fargo true story reviewed)

if the Washington post is know for one thing, it is uncovering the Watergate scandal. But the company, then and today is actually much more. Founded as a four-page independent in 1877, it featured writers as esteemed as joseph Pulitzer before it feel into bankruptcy in 1933.

history of wells fargo

it was the purchased as auction by financier Eugene Meyer, who immediately set about restoring its credibility and profitability despite no experience in the business. when Meyer was named the first president of the international bank for reconstruction and development in 1946, he turned the paper over to his daughter Katharine Graham’s husband, Philip.

She assumed control upon his death in 1963, and guided it to many triumphs culminating in it Pulitzer Prize wining coverage of the “third rate burglary”. At the Watergate is run today Katherine’s son Donald Graham and it also owns Newsweek magazine along with interests in television, the internet and other newspaper.

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